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Diamondback Industries is the leader in premium oil field tools.  Our technologically advanced product offerings excel in the market by delivering peak performance at an exceptional value.  Our product lines include power charges/igniters, setting tools, chemical cutters, frac & bridge plugs & more.  To learn more about our product offerings


Baker 10 & 20 Setting Tool

A setting tool is a mechanical device that converts gas pressure produced by a burning explosive powder charge to hydraulic force. This hydraulic force is then converted to mechanical energy to set various downhole equipment in casing or tubing. A wireline setting tool can be used to set:
a) Production Packers
b) Bridge Plugs
c) Cement Retainers
d) Casing Patches
e) Tubing Plugs


Composite Frac & Bridge Plugs

The Excalibur series line of composite plugs are rated to 10,000 PSI at 375 degrees fahrenheit.  A wide size range is readily available.  Comprised of proprietary high temperature composites and polyamides, and having minimal metalic content, the Excalibur Frac Plug can be quickly and easily milled and circulated back to surface using conventional milling, drilling with a rig and tubing,k or with coiled tubing.The plug incorporates many unique features that give..


Power Charges and Igniters

Diamondback Power Charges are designed with the customer foremost in mind.  The energetic compound is housed in a fiberboard tube.  This reduces heat away from the firing head.  It also allows the remaining post burn residue to be easily flushed with water, therefore decreasing redress time and allowing for easy cleanup.

Power Charges Available for:..



Latest News

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August 1, 2013 - Southwest Sales Office 

To better serve clients in the greater Rockies area with explosives and frac plugs, we are proud to announce the opening of our new regional sales office in Greeley, CO.    Please call 817-944-6850 for assistance

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Upcoming Trade Shows


Visit us at the DUG Midcontinent Show in Oklahoma City, OK, February 24th - February 26th


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